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Earth - 69

Official Name
The Infinite Universe



A mysterious new world that is very similar to New Earth in many ways, but very different in others.


Alexis Luthor, Alo Vera, Artemis, Beast Boy, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Booster Gold, Bombard, Bombshell, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel(Deceased), The Creeper, Crimson Canary, Cyborg, Daina Wescot, Darkhawk, Destiny, Doctor Fate, Emerald Archer, Eradicator, Firestar, Flame, The Flash, Geo-Force, Green Angel, Green Arrow, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Guardian, Hawkboy, Indigo Lantern (Ronnie Miller),Jack the Jester, Katanna, Kid Flash(Bart Allen), Kid Mercury, Kid Vixen, Lance Sanders, Lightray, The Marauder, Marvel Boy, Miss. Martian, Miss Magician, Moonlight, Morningstar, Nighthunter, Nightwalker, Nightwing, Northwind, Owlman, Osiris, Overlord ∏, Raven, Red Lantern (Nathan Daniels), Red Star, Robin, Starfire, Starman, Star Sapphire (Davith Callisto), Superboy(deceased), Supergirl, Superman, Superstar, Surge,Troia, Violetlite, White Widow, Wildfire, Wonderboy, Wonderman, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Zatara


Arien, Bizzaro, Black Adam, The Black Specter, Black Wonder, Brigadier, Darkseid, Deathstroke, Devon Spirit, Doctor Light, General Eoh, Haven, Jinx, Juggernaut, Kid Zoom, Klarion the Witch Boy, Malevolent Lady, Mammoth, Match, Mega Boy, Mongul I(Deceased), Monster Maker, Omega Boy, Orange Lantern (Darren Mayfield), Overlord, Ravager, Red Banshee, Seth, Shimmer, Sungirl, Talbarre, Zephel

Neutral Alignment

Power Boy, White Marvel


Bludhaven, Blue Valley, Delta City, Empire City, Fairfield, Gateway City, Gotham City, Midway City, San Francisco, Solar City, Zenith City

Team Affiliations

Darkseid's Honor Guard, The Fearsom Five, Gotham City Sirens, The Justice Empire, Justice Empire Australia, The Justice League, The Outsiders, The Six Swordsman, The Teen Titans, Titans Bludhaven, Titans Delta, Titans East, Titans Zeta, The Zenith Defenders, Wonder Family

Earth 69 Categories

Category: Andromedan Royal Army A list of everyone enlisted in the Andromedan Royal Army.
Category:Boundless Strength A list of people who have incalculable strength.
Category: Justice Empire Members A list of the Justice Empire members.
Category: Justice League Members The Members of the Justice League.
Category: Otherworlders The List of people who came to Earth-69 during the first storm.
Category: Titans International Members The entire roster for Titans International

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